Thanksgiving Is Ruined

The Personal is Political. The Political is Personal.

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April 21, 2004
Can any administration be more callous and manipulative?

So the hubbub yesterday afternoon was about the latest polls, which show that Bush hasn't really suffered as a result of all last week's bad news. Look at him! Amazing teflon prez! The American public doesn't care about his stumbling idiocy in the press conference, the rising death toll in Iraq, the Woodward revelations that Bush has a messianic complex which caused him to start a pointless war with stolen funds. Ther're "rallying behind him!" "Any press is good press."

So what happens when the WHite House believes that Americans do not care about the numbers of those killed in Iraq, especially if they are Iraqi? Fallujah comes under attack. "The fighting erupted hours after Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld said the truce in the battered city of 300,000 people west of Baghdad would not hold indefinitely. " The helicopter gunships went in and started firing missiles. "U.S. snipers, concealed behind rooftop parapets, pumped round after round into buildings, film shot by U.S. journalists with the Marines showed. Missile-firing Black Hawk helicopters blasted unseen targets with machinegun and cannon fire."

This may be a toss-off sentence on the hourly wrap-up here, but you can be assured that every Muslim from Marrakesh to Mombasa to Karachi will be talking about little else all day.