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April 07, 2004
Even Jon Stewart can't make me laugh tonight

Watching General Kimmet tonight talking about the "thugs" and how we were going to "stay the course", etc. etc. etc., I could not help but wonder if this guy actually believes anything he is saying. Does he really think that the situation we are facing in Iraq is the the one he is describing? Eve I, from the safety of my home in Central New Jersey, have a better idea, apparently, about what is happening there than he does. Is it all for the consumption of the American public, or does the top military brass over there truly have no clue about what they are dealing with?

Last year, as our troops headed for Baghdad - remember all those sandstorms ? - we all had such a feeling of dread. What were we dreading? That our soldiers would get to a city like Baghdad and have to fight the Republican Guard street by street, house by house, to "pacify" it.

And it didn't happen! Talk about an amazing outcome! One day we were dreading a bloodbath, the next we saw Chalabi's hired henchmen pulling down the Saddam statue - well, actually, standing there holding onto ropes while an American tank pulled down the Saddam statue. (The bit of videotape, like the "Mission Accomplished" codpiece footage, won't be showing up in any Bush commercials soon.)

Of course, a few months later, foreign papers revealed that the commander of the Republican Guard had been bribed by the CIA to turn over the city. When American forces surrounded the Iraqi capital, Soufiane al-Takriti ordered the 10,000 members of the special Republican Guard not to resist the Americans and to return to their homes. Then Takriti and his family were flown out of the country.

But all those Republican Guard members are still in Iraq, with their families, where they haven't had work or electricity or respect or a future for a year.

And now we see the street-to-street, house-to-house, fighting that we evaded last year.

Last year, I kept direly predicting that BushCo would nuke large Iraqi cities that they couldn't subdue, especially if a high bodycount of American troops made the war look like a bad idea. It was the one dire prediction I made that, thankfully, has not come true.

That spectre is tapping my shoulder again, with its bony radioactive finger. Today's mosque bombing in Falluja (and don't let anybody tell you it was just a "compound wall"- we blew the minaret off) - shows we don't give a plugged nickel about Iraqi civilians and will bomb them with a shrug of the shoulders. Cable news has been carrying the tale all day that the mosque was full of "rebels" and "insurgents" who, in violation of the Geneva Conventions, had been shooting at our soldiers!

What else could we do? We had to bomb that mosque.

And when we "went in" 40 minutes later? Well, let's let the Marine Lt. Colonel on the spot explain:
"When we hit that building I thought we had killed all the bad guys, but when we went in they didn't find any bad guys in the building," Lieutenant Colonel Brennan Byrne told AFP.

The only press in Falluja, by the way, are two guys from Al-Jazeera. They can't produce any photographs of deadender Sunni Ba'athists, but they do have plenty of photos of dead civilians, businessmen, women, little babies.

It's not like we can do anything about it, either. Bush won't even meet with the chairmen of the Senate Armed Services Committee. "Who cares what you think?" should be the tagline of every Kerry attack ad, because Bush absolutely does not care what anyone but his circle of sycophants thinks. And perhaps, not even them... they can't all be whistling a happy tune about this, but he simply doesn't care.

Bush knows what God wants him to do, and Bush wills it be done, so - it will occur.

The amazing thing about studying history is that you learn how many intelligent societies had no idea what horrible hash they were making out of the world, especially when they were convinced they were absolutely, God-blessedly, totally right. And it doesn't even take a century anymore for historians to make their conclusions, based on the evidence that was even available at the time, that these societies were just completely blind to the mistakes and the misery.

So it certainly won't take one hundred years for historians to bring us all the evidence that Bush is a total madman, driven over the edge by religious mania and the burdens of too much power.