Thanksgiving Is Ruined

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April 09, 2004
It's a beautiful spring day here in CNJ

And Good Friday to boot. So, being the authentic lapsed Catholic that I am, I feel guilty that I am here in a safe, warm, materially wealthy space, with my loved ones. The situation in Iraq is about as bad as it can get aside from the aftermath of a nuclear explosion. Juan Cole, as always, turns out to be the most trustworthy reporting and analysis. Raed's reporting is also highly trustworthy, but more immediately frightening.
The next couple of days are going to be really red. The Red Weekend… Tomorrow is the first anniversary of the “fall” of Baghdad.
Tomorrow is Friday, the Muslims sabbath, and the mosques of Baghdad will NOT be available for the noon prayer. The mosques announced that the Friday prayer of tomorrow is going to be in the central mosque, for all Sunnis. Um AlMaarek mosque, thousands and thousands are going to be there.
Thousands of Iraqis from all Iraq joined the Falluja blood donation campaign, Falluja is still under siege, more than 300 people killed there and more than 500 injured in the because of the collective punishment Bremer has ordered.

And Karbalah and Najaf are packed with thousands and thousands of Iranian pilgrims. There's nothing like socially-dictated religious obligation to put a person in a guilty, therefore touchy, bad mood. Remember Good Friday when we were kids in Catholic school? You spent most of the day in church, and you were supposed to be silent from noon til 3, thinking about how your sins were responsible for Christ's suffering. Perhaps if I were still a Catholic - or even a Christian - I would think that the appropriate way to spend today would be at back-to-back showings of "The Passion of the Christ." Nowadays, that very concept is repulsive.

Instead, we're heading down to the shore, to visit Recycling the Past, an architectural salvage yard. Perhaps there will be some appropriate 15-light french doors for the living room.

Will we ever finish renovating this house?