Thanksgiving Is Ruined

The Personal is Political. The Political is Personal.

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April 18, 2004
Now do you get it?

Just finished watching Woodward on 60 Minutes, and all I can say is that it confirms every last fear I've had of the man in the Oval Office. He believes that he has been appointed by God to carry out His will, and that whatever comes into Bush's head is indication of God's will. He hates the "elite" - the point-headed egghead intellectuals - and values his own interpretation of Christian faith above all else. And he has started an illegal war, on false premises, with stolen funds, because he believes God wanted him to.

And, of course, it was really Dick Cheney who wanted him to.

I wonder if Cheney releases just how far into religious mania Bush is. Of course he does - it would be impossible not to. Cheney must use what he sees as Bush's craziness to manipulate him. And of course Rice shares Bush's belief in the absolute Rightness of their Holy Cause, but she is far more aware of the danger if Bush actually blurts out what he believes.

NOW will the press finally begin to ask the guy about how God plays a role in all this? Are they just so secular that they couldn't believe that any guy would run a country this way? Aren't there any former Catholics in the press?

The debate over Bush's reliance on the certainty of God's will to form the basis of his decisions is going to turn out to be a more galvanizing and important moment in our country's history than the Scopes Monkey Trial.