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August 01, 2005
first LP record in space

Pink Floyd's Delicate Sounds of Thunder? I think not. Released in 1988, this album was apparently taken aboard the Mir space station, although I am unclear on whether that was in CD or audiocassette form.

In fact, the first album taken to outer space seems to have been by the much cooler Lou Rawls -- and it was in LP form no less. The record was Rawls' 1983 album, When the Night Comes, with its track "Wind Beneath My Wings." The recording was evidently in the luggage aboard the fall 1983 Space Shuttle    Challenger (.pdf) mission of another history maker: Guion S. Bluford, Jr., the first African-American astronaut in space.

I wonder if there are any LPs aboard Discovery right now. They could come in handy. I've seen some old Studio One dub LPs that are so thick, heavy and indestructible that I imagine they could use them as replacement tiles.