Thanksgiving Is Ruined

The Personal is Political. The Political is Personal.

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October 31, 2005
Did she ever get her shopping done that day?

"When was it that the communications, from Christ began?"

"It began sometime in the last week of November 1985, but it wasn't Christ yet."

"What happened that day?"

"I felt in my body a kind of supernatural vibration that was flowing through my hands. I had been writing a shopping list, but my hand began to shake and the pencil was too strong for me to control. It was my guardian angel. He began to write spiritual messages."

I discovered Vassula Ryden yesterday, while my laundry was in the dryer, when I found a 1991 audiocassette in a dollar bin at a thrift store down the street from the laundromat.

She was writing her November 1985 shopping list while in Bangladesh.

Her individual episodes of spiritual dictation can continue, she says, for four to six hours.