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January 25, 2007
speed jive

. . . in which i reveal that on some basic level I am now certain that my every blog post would be ideal to me if and only if somehow it sounded in tone and hermeticism and looked in layout exactly like the original liner notes to Metal Machine Music,

[and moreover if it were composed, as it would in probability need to be, in a state of chemical stimulation similar in intensity to that under which the orig notes were written]

especially these parts:

It is the only recorded work I know seriously done
as well as possible as a gift if one
could call it that, from a part of a certain head, to a few others.

Most of you won't like this, and I don't blame you
at all. It's not meant for you.

At the very least I made it
so I had something to listen to. Certainly Misunderstood; Power to Consume (how Bathetic) . . .

For that matter, off the record, I
love and adore it. I'm sorry, but not especially, if it turns you off. One record for us and it..

The agreement one makes with speed.

The tacit speed agreement with Self.

My week beats your year.

* dextroroatory components synthesis of sympathomimetic musics

Disclaimer - Psychological, medical
Ref. - Remington's Pharmaceutical Science
British Pharmacopia

                     Sony 1 /2 track
                 Uher 1 14 track
                     Pioneer 1 14 track
             5 piggyback Marshall Tube
                     Amps in series

             Arbitor Distortor (Jimi's)
                 Marantz Preamps
                     Marantz Amps
                   Altec Voice of America
                     Monitor Speakers

                   Sennheiser Headphones

              Drone cognizance and harmonic
                 possibilities vis a vis
             Lamont Young's Dream Music

         Rock orientation, melodically
                 disguised, i.e. drag

           Avoidance of any type of atonality.
           Electro-Voice high filter microphones

Fender Tremolo Unit
Sunn Tremolo Unit
Ring Modulator/Octave Relay jump
Fender Dual Showman Bass Amp with
Reverb Unit (Pre-Columbia) white
No Synthesizers
No Arp
No Instruments?
-1 0 db + 57c1b
-20 hz-+30,000 hz
-12 kz-+28,000 kz

Distortion 0.02 bass and
treble ceilings

Combinations and Permutations
built upon constant harmonic
Density Increase and Melodic

No panning
No phasing

(text of full notes reproduced here and in part here and here)

i would have revealed this pointless revelation earlier but it did not occur to me until 1 second ago

[lesson learned: copping the double LP from my older sister while in jr high school and listening to it in secret over and over while poring over the liner notes messed up fer life my head,
                in which it all remained buried in sediment down there as a total manifesto of principles and strategy for almost constant approach towards all world]

and i will probably jettison any certainty as to its truth by tomorrow