Thanksgiving Is Ruined

The Personal is Political. The Political is Personal.

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February 14, 2007
things we were "too young to know"

what Right Guard was used for

what the word "condensed" in Readers Digest Condensed Books meant

that, in the old Montreal Forum, destiny had a way of dictating the outcome of many games, and, on this night, he would be destiny’s child

about the big changes that had taken place in the Anglican Church since the 1970s

how to cook and how much salt to add to cooking, according to Lord Vishnu

of the corruption that surrounded Samuel in the system sponsored in the hallowed house of God

that we were supposed to by cynical about the Oscars

Schwarzenegger in his salad days as the barbaric fighter, Conan the Barbarian

all the people around him at the Q Awards, like Smokey Robinson, Boy George, Peter Gabriel and Jeff Lynne

about the football tradition of Notre Dame

about the 1950s era in Japan

what was lacking in the Buddhist monastery orphanage in Vietnam

first-hand knowledge of our pioneering Singaporean leaders

much of what went on during Liberation under Mao

who was Hutu or Tutsi

what all that was about, with the tribe winning their liquor rights on the reservation in Alberta in 1966

anything about ships

anything about developmental psychology

anything about aliens who liked giving internal probes to their hapless victims

that you can't really prepare for a test a day in advance

Ralph Bunche

anything important about poor people, black people, women or history

what feminism is

better than to marry the egomaniacs in the shadows of whom political wives are supposed to spend decades smiling

about the bones and anatomy of animal roadkill

what type of fish we caught

how words and numbers worked

at 25, the price of my bad habits

to know about backstabbing and betrayal in friendships

how memory and regret can mingle

that the rest of our lives were not going to be this cool

that I would never have that time back again

what Dad meant when he said that 'Comedy is tragedy standing on its head with its pants down.'

that the rest of the children, on a certain day, were dressed in western outfits or that the rest of the children had brought paper Valentines to pass out to everyone but Lynden

to know better, as a small dog, than to chase Sasquatch