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October 11, 2007
geometric head survey (partial)

octagon head:
He knew she was an octagon head.
He knew she was not with the scene.
from Lord Buckley's "The Bad-Rapping Of The Marquis De Sade, The King Of The Bad Cats." Readable here and here.

heptagon head
(see p. 154)

hexagon head

pentagon    head


triangle head

two-sided head


head is a point

plane head

head has infinite number of sides
(or zero, depending on your definitions)

i.e. is a circle
(via the Surly Duck blog)

Bonus fun  -  pak quiz question:

Is almost all of the above just riffing,
used to pad out into a flimsy excuse for a post
what is otherwise merely a kernel of desire to preserve
for my future amusement             a couple of links to some old
Lord Buckley transcripts?


. . . he ripped it, he wrapped it, he tapped it, he papped it, he rigged it, he gigged it, he danged it, he donged it, he blanged it, he jumped around, he split it -- he made every mother scene there was to make!