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February 26, 2009
"How to Save Cancer"

Last month's Harper's included a response to that magazine's November 2008 cover story, "How to Save Capitalism: Fundamental Fixes for a Collapsing System"
(readable here and   here)
             , in the form of a letter to the editor from Bert Hornback of New Orleans.

Hornback's letter reads in part:

Why should they [i.e., "important political and economic people"], or we, want to save capitalism? If you asked important chefs and restaurateurs "How to Save Bad Chicken," they would give you a simple answer: Throw it away before it puts you in the hospital!

Or, more to the point, if you asked "How to Save Cancer," we would all laugh, and medical experts would explain that cancer is a greedy disease, so greedy that its cells feed on their host until they kill it -- and themselves.

The first blog, established last March, by Prof. Hornback
(an author, emeritus at the English Dept. of the Univ. of Mighigan USA, peripatetic & septuagenarian)
             contains "thoughts, musings, grumps, and serious whimsy," including an announcement of a project from the "Center for the Advancement of Peripheral Thought":
The Center for the Advancement of Peripheral Thought has made a significant grant to its Department of Utilitarian Biotechnology, for work on the cross-breeding of dogs and eyeglasses. One of the great wastes of human talent seems to be the misplacement of eyeglasses; this waste could be eliminated if eyeglasses could be taught to follow their humans around, the way dogs do.

Hornback's second blog, the wonderfully titled "Anemones My Footstool," was established last April and features more information on the Center's important work, including a finding that, as is explained, pertains to the demise of the dinosaurs:
The equation now inspiring evolutionary scholars is elegant and precise: SqB=DP.

If you feed bananas to squirrels, you know what you'll get: squirrels times bananas equals dinosaurs times peanuts.

The Wisdom in Words, Hornback's third blog, established the same day last April, apparently in connection with one of the professor's books, currently contains no posts, but
will be published on this site as soon as Bert Hornback can figure out how to make the computer agree to do paragraphs when he asks it to.

Each of his blogs contain no blogroll, which makes them, TiR thinks, somehow monadic and, on a level that TiR is (as usual) too bored with itself to try to explain, probably our favorite kind of blog.