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March 31, 2014

The 50 Club

Forget the "27 Club."

This past month, when reading some of the newer memorials and moving remembrances of the brilliant Maggie Estep, TiR realized that her name sadly joins an astonishing list, almost certainly one closer to TiR's heart than that of the "27s,"  one which no one else heretofore seems to have noticed, and which deserves its own small-c canonization: 

The Fifty Club. 

Which would now then, in part, include:

Maggie Estep

Joe Strummer

Michael Jackson

Roberto BolaƱo

Alban Berg

Gustav Mahler

Jelly Roll Morton

Dee Dee Ramone

Kurt Weill

Isadora Duncan

Jackie Wilson

David Ruffin

Dave Prater (of Same & Dave)

Glenn Gould

Violeta Parra

Jimmy Reed

Dave Brockie (of GWAR)

Steve McQueen

Carson McCullers 

Raymond Carver

Stieg Larsson

Rod Serling

St. Thomas Aquinas, and