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December 04, 2003
Now Jelly Roll's in the street

Fun with Usenet.

Found the following excerpts in a 1998 thread, crossposted to alt.non.sequitur, alt.philosophy and

Oh, you shouldn't do that. Doncha know you'll stain the carpet? Some kid from Alabama. Wants to know if there's a way he can earn a dollar. Sweet Ginger Brown. Ain't got nothing at all. Every night she falls in love. Every night she falls. Not the shirt on his back. Ain't got nothing at all. Standing on the corner. All the jim-jims in this town. Politicians making busy sounds. Don't you know it'll make you go blind?

i'll come runnin' to you, honey, when you want me. (something's got a hold on me, and i don't know what.)
like a sister and brother who cling to each other when they find out their parents are mad - aw, it'd be so nice.
like summer with ice. what seashell sea is callin' me from
across the world? at least they cared enough to write.
(the doctor is making his first incision.)

Can I have yer autograph? Watch that speedfreak,
watch that speedfreak. Everytime she turned on the radio, nothing was happening at all. Two TV sets, two Cadillac cars. Ain't gonna help me at all. It's so cold in Alaska. Hands all over the place. Like an octupus. Maybe they could see a movie. If she ever comes now. Linger on, pale blue eyes. I could sleep for a thousand years. Great big clipperships. Me, I'm out on the corner. Looking for Miss Linda Lee. Cause, she got the power...take a drag or two. Hey, white boy...whacha doing uptown?

Stumbled onto the above while trying to find out if anyone out there has ever puzzled over the line, "The answer was to become a dancer." Apparently no one has. What's up with that?