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The Personal is Political. The Political is Personal.

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April 05, 2004
We hit the trifecta, 2.333 times

Still, when it comes to the crunch, these people fail -- and fail monumentally. What's the secret of their destructive powers?

I found that spectacularly unsuccessful people had seven characteristics in common. . . . Try to catch these red flags before spectacular failure finds you!

from "The Seven Habits of Spectaculary Unsuccessful Executives," by Sydney Finkelstein

You know I just can't jump it

The Annotated Blonde on Blonde

"the autodidact's sensibility"

The always inspiring Ralph Dumain on "Why E. P. Thompson Is My Hero."

"Why the War in Iraq is Not a Humanitarian Intervention"

Human Rights Watch explains. Does this essay read like it was written two months -- umpteen rationales and approximately 92 military fatalities -- ago? Yes, it does.

Any resemblance to OBL is entirely coincidental.

Did Woodrow Wilson, in his day, exploit the hunt for Pancho Villa for domestic political gain? Back when I was wondering about this question (now an oh-so-early-March 2004 topic), I found this: "Pancho Villa's Skull" by Steve Bartholomew.

"We cannot name their names, . . .

. . . or number their dates." From Robert Lowell's For the Union Dead. His Collected Poems was reviewed here last fall by the London Review of Books.

Who was Elbert Hubbard?

Pamphlets by him circa 1916 found in an antique store in Phildalphia. Answers found here and here.