Thanksgiving Is Ruined

The Personal is Political. The Political is Personal.

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May 12, 2004
this week

u.s.a.'s new nat anthem should be "the american in me" (1978) by avengers

time/newsweek need to have covers by otto dix or george grosz -- can't decide which.

paper-library-inferior internet should asap get text of "to a city sending him advertisements" 1917 e. pound poem on the 250th b-day of newark, n.j. which the awards committee said "assaulted our civic sensibilities in a poem of violence directed at the head, heart, and hands of Newark"

[5/15 update/part redress

1st stanza of the poem ends:
"Will you, having got the songs you ask for,
Choose only the worst, the coarsest?
Will you choose flattering tongues?"

last stanza ends:
"Some more loud-mouthed fellow, slamming a bigger drum,
Some fellow rhyming and roaring,
Some more obsequious back,
Will receive their purple, be the town's bard,
Be ten days hailed as immortal,
But you will die or live
By the silvery heed of Apollo."