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May 26, 2005
The Angel of History is a crawfish

Zukofsky quotes Apollinaire:
Uncertainty, oh my delights
We're leaving you and I
Like crawfish departing
Inching slowly slowly backward.
. . . and says, "There are several cloaks and each unfolds inside of the other. . . . The sadness of the verses incised in allegory -- art's wornness, art's renewal -- is their essential self-contradictory life."

LZ also quotes 1909:
She was so beautiful
That you wouldn't have dared to love her
I loved wretched women in the slums
Where each day new beings were born
With iron their blood and fire their brains
I loved I loved skilled workers
Luxury and beauty are nothing but her froth
That woman was so beautiful
That she frightened me.
About which Zukofsky concludes: "Which would show that the dialectic is not always the property of MM. les philosphes -- cf. Marx on the poverty of philosophy."

And a crawfish shall lead us, in our hearts, in the streets, in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit.

[as Johnny Burnette hollers "Gum-boooooooo!"]