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May 08, 2005
NT: The Abridged Version

Some may misinterpret the following as advice on how to shorten parts of the New Testament by as much as 75%:

If you go through the New Testament with a calculator — which I have not done, but I know people who have — Jesus talks about justice for the poor three times more than he talks about all of the personal sins combined.

So the social justice half of the gospel at least deserves as much attention, if not more, than the personal salvation side.
from a Norman Kelley   interview with Pastor David Dyson of the Lafayette Ave. Presbyrian Chorch, Brooklyn NY.

Note: The publication containing the above-linked interview contains in addition critical information concerning the late Agnes Martin's bowling game:
Agnes Martin shuffled hunched over with age and bowled very slowly, extremely slowly. She laid down the heavy balls and gently pushed them down the lane. They moved so slowly as to be almost imperceptible. In fact I often looked away distracted in conversation as her ball inched along. She bowled a perfect game.