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June 15, 2005
All Facts Verified by the LAPD

In the new issue (vol. 11.4) of Historical Materialism ("Symposium: The American Worker") Noel Ignatiev has an essay, "Whiteness and Class Struggle," in which he writes:

US political stability has traditionally depended on a majority held together by racial definition. Whiteness has served as a sort of disaster insurance policy for the ruling class. . . . The US may be multi-ethnic, but the traditional mode of class rule demands two races and no more: the racially oppressed and the racially privileged. . . .

A great deal of the quarrel about 'people of color' and 'indeterminate' races has to do with determining which groups will be socially white in the twenty-first century. It has already been suggested [.pdf, see p. 86] that all that is missing for the reconfiguration of the dominant race is the appearance and general acceptance of a new term for everyone other than born-in-the-USA-blackfolk.

Maybe thinking up a new term together has been what's kept these fifteen or so senators too busy lately for other endeavors. They could save themselves some time by simply adopting "the Phlegms," as suggested in the early 70s by a television game show with a worldview that perhaps they'd appreciate.

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