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August 26, 2005
The Itch

To put it another way, even if you come right up against it, how will you know that what you have found is the thing you didn’t know?
Plato's Meno, quoted in Burbules' "Aporias, Webs, and Passages: Doubt as an Opportunity to Learn"

One compelling example is the analysis of what the phrase "I don't know" meant for each student. For Chris - a science conceptualizer - "I don't know" meant "I haven't studied that yet." . . . For Pat - a science experimenter - "I don't know meant "I can't decide" among the alternatives." . . . Sasha - a strategizer about science - who wants to succeed in school used "I don't know" defiantly, perhaps because he hadn't memorized it yet. For Lee - a consumer of science - "I don't know" meant "I don't have a clue". Each student used the same phrase for completely different reasons.
from a review of Marcia Linn and S. Hsi's Computers, Teachers, Peers Science Learning Partners

I would tape record the Peel shows on a Saturday, and for want of anything else to do, I would listen to that tape every night or day until the following weekend. And the thing that stayed with you, I found, was the challenging stuff. The music you found most difficult on the Sunday, by the next weekend had become your favorite. Does that make sense?
from Simon Reynold's interview with Green Gartside of Scritti Politti