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September 10, 2005

another reason for me to admire Jonas Mekas, and the late Barbara Rubin, who gets evermore fascinating the more I learn about her:

On New Years Eve, Jonas Mekas and Barbara Rubin invaded the Festival's projection booth, pretending to tie up the projectionist (filmmaker Jean-Marie Bouchet) and planted a print of Flaming   Creatures between reels of Warhol's Sleep which was also being screened at the Festival. A small riot broke out and the Belgian Minister of Justice (who was the honorary head of the Festival) arrived to establish order.

Mekas responded by projecting the film onto the Minister's face until the power was cut.

[update 2/6/06: The most comprehensive article I have ever seen about B. Rubin was published in Art in America in Dec. 2005 and is here.]