Thanksgiving Is Ruined

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November 11, 2005

Here's what the USA's cable TV news shows can look like from across the ocean. Alain Duhamel in Wednesday's Libération takes one step further the concept in the opening line of Pascal Riche's TPM Cafe post from the same day.


Don’t believe Fox News. France is not on the verge of a civil war.

Duhamel, loosely translated:

France is not on the brink of a civil war, despite what they try to believe on American TV's continuous news shows and at the National Front.

The point of both columns seems pretty much the same, about the evident failure of the long-standing French model of integration.

Or, as Mohamed, a thirty-year resident of Aulnay, put it in last Saturday's NYT:

They say integrate, but I don't understand: I'm already French, what more do they want?

They want me to drink alcohol?