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November 03, 2005
shape of things à venir

NY Daily News columnist Juan Gonzalez on the stakes in NYC's upcoming mayoral election:

Today, with the world approaching peak oil production, and the price of petroleum destined to skyrocket for decades to come, there is an even stronger economic imperative to reclaim greater swaths of the cities from the poor and working class, to create metropolises on the European or Latin American model, where the wealthy both inhabit and work in the central core, while the poor are relegated to huge low-income and slum housing in the distant suburban rings.

portions of this week's call for order made by Mayor Daniel Feurtet of Paris suburb Le Blanc   Mesnil, as translated by Google:

To in no case, and for some reason that it is, violence cannot constitute an answer. . . . Vis-a-vis this situation, the communal public utility took all the preventive measures in its capacity to contribute to the appeasing. . . .

I invite to make grow this interdependent and responsible dash. It is necessary that all the inhabitants and all the sharp forces of the commune gather in order to imagine all the initiatives which could be useful for the dialogue and the appeasing.