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November 21, 2005
ubiquity and simultaneity

Zukofsky    on    Apollinaire:

Apollinaire's artistic instinct for the natural simultaneity (rather than the unity)
of intelligence is a constant in his work. . . .

Writing becomes the work of making art of an intelligence, of a life,
of using an era as an illustration of an emotion, of isolating the mutations
and implicit historic metamorphoses of an era to record them. . . .

The affect of intelligence is inevitable plasticity. . . .

[T]he conditions of reality inscribed the plane of the poet's fact. . . .

The inclusive sense of its intelligence is historical
only in the immediate sense of ubiquity. . . .

The intelligence attracting the data of vicissitudes . . . favorable to
the formative desire of the ambient. . . .

. . . a sense of mutation as a constant . . .

A poet's matter was not to be less than that of the daily paper.

from "The Musician of Saint-Merry":

He continued on his way terribly
[He just kept walking it was terrifying]

And somewhere else
What time will a train leave for Paris

At that moment
Spice Island pigeons made nutmeg droppings
At the same time
Catholic mission of Boma what have you done with the sculptor

Somewhere else
She crosses a bridge joining Bonn to Beuel and disappears across Pützchen

At the same moment
A young girl in love with the mayor

In another neighborhood
Emulate poet the labels of perfumers
translated by Anne Hyde Greet
[and Donald Revell]

partial contents of a market stall in the International Trade City in Yiwu, China,
as recounted by Bill McKibben in "The Great Leap:
Scenes from China's Industrial Revolution," Harpers, Dec. 2005:

Lucky rabbit's feet, singing birthday cards, nail clippers,
safety pins, ratchet sets, thigh exercisers,
bathroom scales, toilet-bowl deodorizers,
plaid wheelchairs,
feather dusters, meat-pounding mallets. . . .

Pruning shears, putty knives, carafes,
egg cups, cake-decorating nozzles, depilatory machines,
giant martini glasses,
immersion heating coils, disposable cameras, hip flasks,
sake sets, mortar and pestles, cereal dispensers . . .

rolling pins,
exit signs,
sander belts, key rings,
rubber gloves.