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December 06, 2005
inability to plan ahe

Jervey Tervalon talks about his hometown, and goes further:

I think that probably what’s really sad about what happened in New Orleans is indicative of what’s wrong with the United States. We can’t plan. We can’t implement the infrastructure at all. . . .

We’ve become so short-sighted that we can’t make the kinds of decisions that you have to make as a country, to invest in itself. It’s all individual. It’s all about what’s in your short-term interest right now and screw the future.

The above interview excerpt is from the on-line counterpart to the article in the print issue of the Dec. 2005/Jan. 2006 Maisonneuve.

With their piece rating various cities' branding logos, the magazine pulls the same trick: urging the reader to move from the print edition to the website for the article's director's cut/outtakes/added features. I expect to see this trick often in the future and to fall for it all the time.