Thanksgiving Is Ruined

The Personal is Political. The Political is Personal.

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December 15, 2005
WoX -- from the right

You know that when you've got anyone relying on religious principles in support of a proposition, a veritable law of nature exists that you've simultaneously got someone "quoting scripture" in support of the opposite proposition. The latter someone can often be found via Google.

And when it comes to the "War on X-mas," the internets


["Historical facts prove that Christmas and its customs have absolutely no scriptural basis and are ways that God and His Son, Jesus Christ, oppose."]


["To use PAGAN practices to worship makes no difference - IF THERE IS NO GOD. But IF THERE IS a God it does make a difference. For God has the right to... tell us HOW to worship Him. It is not for man to decide HOW he will worship God - only whether we will worship Him the WAY God Himself sets."]


["Excitement and expectation fill the air as the 'big day' approaches. People run to and fro, gift lists grow, parties are planned, homes are decorated, egg nog, reefers and other stimulants flow freely, and charitable contributions rise. . . .

Ungodly soul ties are formed at office parties, financial and emotional bondage intensify and drunkenness, reveling and fornication abound. Favoritism and bribery (of mailmen, legislators, politicians and clients) proliferate, merrymakers purchase last minute gifts for unexpected friends (Deut. 16:19) and long periods of financial bondage follow excessive credit-card purchases."]