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December 30, 2005
Year in Review: February 2005

In February 2005, my record of scattered links of note suggests that I seem to have withdrawn from contemporary society and the present world and become obsessed with hoarding information about the "downtown" NYC cultural scene from the early 1970's-early 1980's.

And so I found great stuff like a Bob Gruen interview; a 2002 Vanity Fair Lisa Robinson article; a "Blank Generation" revisited piece via the Laura Hird site; Fast 'n' Bulbous; a nifty Ann Magnuson interview ("I remember when I'd go down to the Pyramid club in the East Village, even just walking by when the door was open in the middle of the day; and the smell of years of . . . waste."); and the very cool Kristian Hoffman website (which I probably found because it has things like this on it); and the politics of the 80's East Village art scene (gleanable from stuff like this or this).

I probably looked up from all of the above to realize that I had not escaped that fact that I was nevertheless still living in February 2005. o noes!5uxxz0r!!!!!ROFL