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April 11, 2006
borderline insanity

After a bit of research on the practical implications -- and even before then -- I began to wonder how seriously to take one person's apparently straightfaced suggestion that to solve the USA's immigration "problem," the USA should invade, evacuate, clear and mine the first 20 miles below the Mexico/USA border.

Below are some of the Mexican cities along that border, working west to east, with their approximate populations, as best I could ascertain them.


Tijuana (1.2 million)

Mexicali (950k)

San Luis Rio Colorado (180k)

Nogales (250k)

Ciudad Juárez (1.2 million)

Ciudad Acuña (165k)

Piedras Negras (20k)

Nuevo Laredo (500k)

Reynosa (450k)

Ciudad Rio Bravo (85k)

Matamoros (405k)

Incidentially, the "twenty miles of mines" proposal would evidently apply to the entirety of a Mexico/US border that is approx. 2000 miles long.