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April 14, 2006
the War on Easter

In contrast to X-mas 2005, I haven't seen too much evidence of (media-driven) hysteria in response to a purported 2006 "War on Easter," or even to the actual "War on Easter." Maybe it's because to scratch the surface history of many of the mainstream contemporary cultural symbols of Easter is to reveal their "pagan" origins. Simplistic soundbite-driven debate points that hope to link the meaning of the symbols to a stable, centuries-old, monolithic, middle American, Christian theological tradition are harder to make and defend.

Hence, as with X-mas but more so, I think, many of the most strident attacks on the holiday's modern modes of celebration in the U.S.A. are from certain Christians. See, e.g., here ("These are all antichrist activities!), here ("Easter Sunday or Ishtar [?] Sin Day?") and this page.

The latter page features an awesome illustration of ancient Roman soldiers cowering in fear before a blinding, levitating cartoon rabbit who is either juggling or spinning an egg on their fingertip, basketball style.

I have seen no accounts yet that address whether, as one could be excused for suspecting, marshmallow peeps are Satan's handiwork.