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June 30, 2006
where we been

overview of some of the top news stories in the USA, on or about the dates just before that country's July 4th holiday, in the years since 9/11/01:

July 3, , 2002:
Afghan wedding bombing; Osama slipped away; Anthrax mailer still not found; Bush insider trading scandal (i.e., Harken). Total approximate US casualties in Afghanistan (Op. Enduring Freedom): approx. 50. In Iraq: 0.

July 3, 2003:
"Bring 'em on"; Iraq looted; no WMDs found yet; Rehnquist era ends. Total approximate US casualties in Afghanistan: 89. In Iraq: 206

July 2, 2004:
Abu Ghraib questions; Iraq occupation in chaos under Bremer; Cheney booed by Yankee fans, tells Leahy: "Go f--k yourself"; ethics complaint against Delay; Senate's sudden decision to debate gay marriage ban. Total approximate US casualties in Afghanistan: 138. In Iraq: 862.

July 1, 2005:
Controvery over torture/interrogations in Iraq, Afghanistan, Guantanamo Bay; Bush addresses Fort Bragg troops on Iraq war, repeatedly invokes 9/11, troops fail to applaud; Abramoff scandal unfolding, reaches Ralph Reed; cable news: NataleeHollowayNataleeHollowayNataleeHolloway. Total approximate US casualties in Afghanistan: 218. In Iraq: 1744.