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November 23, 2006
anagrammatical proof

As part of an annual tradition, TiR has analyzed the universal, transhistorical truth of this blog's namesake proposition from various angles, be they historical, literary or even theological. Today we can reveal how, encrypted within the very letters of the phrase, are contained examples of this ever-changing yet immutable reality. Below is merely a partial list of examples.

I gust in, heaving drinks.
a hit in gin, drugs, knives
visit in skin. ugh, danger.
A vet singing "Hi." Run, kids!
sing it, avid hunk singer!
"Hi, danger visiting." Sunk!
"Hi, Dirk!" (stunning visage)
Dirk gives a stunning "Hi!"
("Hi" = ("is") knave(s), trudging in)
(knave digits, rushing in)
avenging kid in "U.S.!" shirt
Dig 'is unnerving ski hat.
snark: "Deigning uh visit?"
snide grin = ("akin") "tuv sh*t"
vain kissing, grunted "hi."
unit giving 'er hand (kiss)
starving dinkies, in hug
sad hugs, king in vitrine
kid shrugs, in giant vine
kid giving sunnier hats
"Hi, stinkin' grunge divas."
unkind hags, revising it.
suds inventing a gherkin
"Gherkin? Visitin' us? Dang!"
visit. anger sunk, hiding.
given irk, hid in us (angst)
diving kin, shuts rage in.

"Driving sinks in a gut, eh?"
dig uninviting shakers
an' kith giving sundries
visit: aging husk = dinner?!
uh, ingest irking viands
virgins dine, using khat.
divine khat, surging gin
khat, giving "runs," inside
drinking it (vegan sushi)
in kind vat: sushi, ginger
in its vinegar dish gunk
dining this vaguer skin
dining his vaguer stink
dining, hits vaguer sink
anguish: vet irks dining
stunned irk, via sighing
"Hi." (drinks Tang) "Give in, U.S.!"
"Give in. Drink Tang, sushi."
invent a sushi grid, king
invite in drunks: "haggis!"
knives in dirt, haggis, nu?
haggis irks invited nun
kin hiding gravies. nuts!
Ssh! Irving eatin' dung. (Ik!)
(kisser having dung in it?)
knives gushing, in triad
drinking is a given (shut)
drink in thugs is a given.
gun/drink is a given. sh*t!
running, visits a keg. hit!
gin having uses (drink it)
gushing vase. drink it in.
Drink! Give us an insight!
via ninth gunk, I digress.
us, diving in trash, eking
intriguing knish, saved
kid in unit, sharing vegs.
visit arid ginseng hunk
a riveting shindig, sunk

varied unhinging skits:
varied: guns sing, kin hit
gun hits vain grunge kid
Given guns, is it "ha"? (drink)
ennui kit, giving shards
thieving guards sink in
guards' thinking = in vise
King Haring is in duvets
divine Haring tugs skin
Haring is divinest gunk
kin giving undies. trash?
give unkind, hissing art
kind nerd using it (a shiv)
it (shiv) ends kin arguing
nudist nigh? a given risk.
hi-risk, avenging nudist
"Risk is in avenging!" --- thud.
Rig Veda nut sings "Hi, kin!"
shrieking, advising nut
thinking "sun is Rig Veda"
"Rig Veda, unthinking sis?"
Kid: "Vishnu sat reigning?"
"Vishnu 'tis a ringed king?"
"Vishnu tending a ski rig?"
(shrink is a given.) dig, nut?
Trash Kids giving ennui.
"Trash" disk giving ennui.
Risk Ani Di. venting/gush?
kin dig ravishing tunes
ungiver digs Ani, thinks
he, giving skis in tundra
ski in, uh, singing advert
in this un-ska driven gig
gig = kin rush in, et viands
think dung is a given, sir?
gig is turd haven. sink in?

sad gut (his inner viking)
(true -- and hissing -- viking)
ha! inner viking. disgust!
"A third Guinness, viking?"
viking drug. insane sh*t.
it (drug) sinks in. heaving.
"gank" in his turgid veins
a ninth viking dirges us

inviting her? ask dingus.
ask her inviting dingus
kind giving in tush (arse)
rigid veins. a stink hung.
sin via thinking surged
knavish grin ignited us
diva urge-thing sinks in.
the avid urging sinks in.
a thin drug sinks in. give!
(given.) issuing dark hint.
ugh! rats in vein, dig skin.
risking duet, vanishing
King in rig invades tush
a thin skin diverging us
hit diva resigns, nuking
drunken gingivitis. ash.
uh, Divan King resigns it.

U.S., vending, risking a hit
driving at hissing nuke
it: Duke's vanishing grin
guns, tinkering, HIV (AIDS)
HIV (AIDS), sinking, urgent
a virus edging, thin skin
a virus is ending knight
as unkind grieving hits
unkind grave, it hissing
digs grave, 'nuh sink in it

A giving "Redskin": shun it?
kindest giving = in us? rah!

drive, stinking anguish!
vanish, guiding stinker!
sink in, raving-hued gist
giving his untied snark
skinned, gushing trivia
given: his daunting risk.
invading gun heist risk
divine nights, a gun risk
deviant gun risk is nigh
gun risk! dive! sit! hang in!
(virgin king shat undies)
I.N.S. visit a dung gherkin

skit: "Die, Raving Nun!" (sigh)
nun giving deist a shirk
giving it her kinda suns
giving it her unkind ass
a nudging Rev. Hi sinks it.
a hiving gerund sinks it.
as kid revs it, unhinging
unhinging, raved, "kiss it!"
Sir Thinking Vegan's D.U.I.
"Driving us? He is tanking!"
Riding vegans hit us, kin.
guests diving in rink, ha!
anguish inverting kids
eight vain skins, drug in
Husker D. is igniting van.

kid's having urine sting
stinker hug is invading
"stink ring" is a given, duh!
dung (sh*t) reigns, via ink
he, in ink, giving ass turd
"Raven" inking. Hi, disgust.
"Gunga Din" invites shirk.
ravishing ink tinged us
vaguer ink inn'it, dig? (ssh.)
dissing thin, vaguer ink
inns dig this vaguer ink
vaguer thinking is din
"aging Id" versus "thin ink"
"thinking" versus "aiding"
"thinking" versus "Id gain"
(gain-thinking drives us)
"rethinking" vs. "advising"
"taking in" versus "hiding"
"kind" versus "ha! igniting!"
(via Kit: "de runnings (sigh).")
this kind, raving genius

dig this naive grin, sunk
dig this: sunk in vinegar.
dig this: a riven Sun King.
dig this naive king's urn
knaves rush in: diggin' it!
navies shrunk: diggin' it!
shrunken visa? diggin' it!
varnish nukes? digggin' it!
Rev. kiss nun? ha! diggin' it!
veins sunk? Rah! diggin' it!

Sit unshaven, rigid king.
King advising the ruins
King sieving his tundra
tidings have king's ruin
"Giving it in, eh, drunk ass?"
gun is advising rethink
Rut King dies, vanishing.
give in. thanking rids us.
us, thinking vain dirges
thinking, "evading us, sir."
thinking gives us . . . nadir.
thinking: a design virus
"Hi, naked stinging virus."
his saving: nuking it red
Having ringside, I stunk.

The above is entirely self-explanatory.

Other than that it may have been composed under the influence of much too much Georges Perec.