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December 29, 2006
Where's the line (between)?

line drawers line painters

Leonardo da Vinci Nell Blaine in the 1940s:

Albrecht Dürer DeKooning in the 1980s

engineers & architects Brice Marden

M. C. Escher operators of

the M-B Co's Model 155HP 320

Airless Palletized striper (.pdf)

jurists operators of the

Stackhouse LD50 - Dual 50 Line Marker

"Jesuit" logicians Belle & Sebasitian's Lazy Jane

In addition, I suppose both would differently answer the questions:

How thick is the line?

How far apart are the extremes on the respective sides?

Does a thinner line mean that the two sides are closer together?

--or further removed, because there's a narrower "middle ground" or tightrope between the two, on which to balance?

And who even cares any more?