Thanksgiving Is Ruined

The Personal is Political. The Political is Personal.

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January 09, 2007

Never in all those thirty years have I known her except as a battler for freedom and justice. She was tireless; she was fearless; she never compromised. Liberty was always her theme; liberty was always her dream; liberty was always her goal.

In a machine age, [she] always seemed to me the glorification of individuality. She was symbolical of the greatness of mental freedom in an age of regimentation.

Fear is in the hearts of mankind, and some men and women, in a hurry to save the world, would dispense with all liberty to fight dictatorship. In a world of marching feet and tremendous battles, one marcher is missing, one warrior for freedom will struggle no more. The plea for liberty has been made a thousand, aye, ten thousand times, but always needs repeating. There is one tongue less to make that plea today. . . .

You will live forever in the hearts of your friends and the story of your life will live as long as the stories are told of women and men of courage and idealism.

from the      eulogy for Emma Goldman, delivered by Harry       Weinberger, on May 17, 1940