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January 19, 2007
what "passes for depth"?

the "dull, catatonic stare" of Jean-Claude Van Damme?

the "hard, bitter irony" of French filmmaker François Ozon?

the "contemporary brand of nihilism" of European film?

the "inarticulateness" of Neve Campbell on the "Party of Five" TV show?

the "Dramatic Opposite" stunt of TV crime show plotlines?

"subtle paradoxes" in US primetime TV characterization?

on TV generally, "Intensity . . . loudness, terror, horror"?

the "nebulousness" of Jim Morrison's song lyrics?

the "psuedo-intellectualism" of Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon?

the "angsty, artsy pose" of Coldplay?

the "overarching inscrutability" of Tim Kinsella's song lyrics?

"whiny noodling"?

"affectation," often, in the realm of cabaret performance?

the style of Damian Loeb's paintings, "in the art world"?

surface, in 90's pop culture?

among college students, a "kind of deliberate meaninglessness"?

"ignorance and narrowness . . . among the New Class of academics and urbanites"?

achitectural novelty or "sight bites" in 21st century Toronto?

in interactive design work, "articulation" and "complex geometries"?

the "shallowness" of the "trickster and the charlatan," according to Prof. William Mathews, LL.D., writing in the Bay State Monthly of Massachusetts, for November 1885?

(he is apparently the same seemingly prolific author of the amazing but amazingly ethnocentric "Civilization and Suicide" from 1891; of the, I suppose, relatively progressive for its time "The Negro Intellect" from 1889; and of the ever popular Getting On in the World, or Hints on Success in Life from 1875.)

silence, sometimes?

No. The correct (pointless) answer

                                                                                                                today anyway


Hollywood-style    pop    Freudianism.