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November 01, 2007
"the idiolect indeed becomes the sole linguistic reality"

There was a bewildering assortment of false starts and incomplete sentences for the mind only. I no sooner thought of something to say to myself than I forgot it, and I was lucky to get beyond the second or third imagined word. . . .

Milling around me there are all sorts of verbal alternatives both nonsensical and full of meaning . . .

I think I can see past gobbledygook to a pure and vivid English, instead of starting every sentence five or six times, writing sentences that lose heart halfway through in a futile clutter of grossly amalgamated syllables.

Paul West's post-stroke, aphasic memoir, The Shadow Factory, apparently will appear in approx. 6 months.

Part of it, the astounding & mesmerizing "Mem, Mem, Mem"                                                                                              [?]

                -- from which the above excerpt comes --
is here.

Oddly, it may be the first/most "normal"-sounding piece of writing ever to appear. Read it and everything else will sound "off" for a while.