Thanksgiving Is Ruined

The Personal is Political. The Political is Personal.

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May 09, 2008
remember the events of May '68!

so many to choose from:

  • soldiers open fire on protesters, kill 7, wound 15, as crowd chants "no justice no peace" and demands release of radical political prisoner

  • US president Johnson narrowly avoids impeachment

  • nationalist     revolutionary   publicly   hanged

  • European monarch forced to flee the country, is captured, later tried and executed

  • birthdate of aristocrat and governmental figurehead later executed by Russian revolutionaries

  • war in Tokyo

  • war in Netherlands

  • USA establishes formal holiday to celebrate militarism

  • colonizer's forces negotiate peace accords with restive indigenous    populations

  • Middle Eastern city invaded and razed, entire population slaughtered or enslaved

  • Parliamentary session in London, previously postponed due to plague, further postponed

  • European powers end year-long war, redistribute    holdings

  • German Communist writes to his co-author regarding the difficulty of popularizing their economic writings in the UK, given "the English review philistines"

  • future US president buys a male teenager to be his personal slave, makes notations of the purchase in his cash accounts ledger

  • in China, date is inscribed on object later known as the earliest dated book

So what about it?

We could now proceed to lard this post up with the usual pseudo-intellecual nonsense, maybe this time about:

  • the dangers of fetishization & ritualization of anniversaries

  • warning against historical narcissism

  • interrelationship between remembrance and forgetfulness, or

  • the slippery nature of naming & indexicals,

                    but who would want to read that? Other than us, two days from now? Well, that's one reason.