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June 11, 2008
the world's worst job

The ever awesome Fran Liebowitz:

So, after the first day, I said to him
["him" = choreographer Jerome    Robbins, whose    working   methods    she observed as he created "Glass Pieces," probably circa    early    1983]
         , this is the worst job I've ever seen in my life.

It would be as if I was sitting at my desk, and all of the words in the dictionary were lolling around the desk, glaring at me and smoking. 'Cause that's what the dancers were doing.

You know, I was just flabbergasted that anyone could work under these circumstances.

The above is our transcription of part of an interview, a video of which was posted last month, here.

Yes yes yes, we know: Some writer somewhere may object to Liebowitz, as follows:
But sometimes is that not exactly what the words in the dictionary seem to conspire to do?