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August 11, 2008
randomness within randomness

random publication: Bridge Line Historical Society Bulletin, July 2008

random paragraphs

The D&H received its first bay window cabooses in February 1968. They were painted yellow. Crews loved them because of their smooth ride, well-padded bunks, infrared heat, and decent cooking facilities.
Recently VRS and Pan Am began interchanging traffic at North Bennington, Vt., mostly limestone slurry. Westbound train EDRJ droped 15 cars at Hoosick Jct. and later a train, variously identified as either RJ-1 or RJNB, ran light engines to Hoosick Junction, picked up the cut, ran to North Bennington, and dropped the cars at the VRS yard there.

Cultural news:
Monet's Impressionist painting "Railroad Bridge at Argenteuil" went for $41.4 million at auction, much above its projection.

For sale: Tie date nails from 1916 to 1959, total of 100, $1 each.

There was a considerable fad for pickle car    models starting in the 1950's, when "Dollar Cars" scratch-building articles by Eric Stevens in Model Railroader included two of them, plus a wooden tank car for carrying spring water (a long, horizontal wooden tank, like most used for vinegar for decades).
By the late 1950's, the coal market was rapidly changing as deep mines, such as those on Broad Top Mountain, were closing in favor of cheaper strip mining. On April 13, 1956, the EBT made its final revenue run.