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October 06, 2008
today's blogging hero

Robert Schrank:

My immigrant father told how in the early part of the last century in Europe people spoke of the streets in America as being paved with gold. Now the the worst thing a conservative Republican can say about the bailout is that it smacks of socialism. The very word "socialism" has become the hell word to describe government intervention in the bailout crisis.

So here we are in yet another severe economic crisis of capitalism. The tragedy of our time is the lack of any serious discussion regarding an alternative the the existing system. We have been repairing and fixing it since the great depression of the thirties, and God knows we probably saved it from itself. . . .

Yes, we will find some ways to get us through this mess. The system, fearful of social unrest, will make some more imperfect adjustments until the next crisis. I hope to see the emergence of a new left before I depart this planet.
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Schrank is the author of Ten Thousand Working    Days (1979) and Wasn't That a Time?: Growing Up Radical and Red in America (1999).

He turns ninety-one years old next week, born two weeks before this event.

And he's blogging. Very nicely, in fact. Though apparently he does so mostly under the radar, save to his family members. He has no blogroll. And he lets his grandson post about visiting Burning Man.

He is today's hero at TiR.