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December 30, 2008
Arntz we kinda    glad they did?

holy smokes

seems that the Municipal Museum of The Hague & other notables brought on-line this past April a tremendous Gerd Arntz web archive

did we previously realize the fascinatingness & extent of Arntz's Isotype design work?

[tis justifiably obsessed over by one Austin Kleon, here]


Arntz was a TiR "unsung" [sic] art hero, four years ago

probably as product of Franz Seiwert-related research, after this

we learned of the Arntz site thanks to    Co Seegers' wonderful Dada Newsletter blog, here

        we learned of Seegers' blog thanks to the Museum Ludwig Cologne's 2008 exhibition, "Progressive Cologne 1920-33"

                we learned of the exhibition thanks to Sabine Breitwieser's best of 2008 list in ArtForum

                                we learned, from the same issue, in Maggie Nelson's praiseworthy "best of" contribution/review of D. Graeber's Possibilities: Essays on Hierarchy, Rebellion, and Desire, of the phrase "orthopedic aesthetic"

                                we learned of an explanation of what the phrase means from a writing by its coiner, Grant Kester,     here

                                TiR read the explanation

                                now if we could just figure out what it means

quiz question: who really cares?

follow-up question: really. i mean, who really cares?

answer(s): what a funny question