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July 29, 2009
Graeber watch

Checkin the scene in Ssangyong

& elsewhere, as per recent podcast here

e.g. (circa min. 22):

It's an interesting moment. . . . In Europe, we've had this huge explosion. In Greece . . . . It' like everybody who's between the ages of 16 and 26 in Greece has now declared themselves an anarchist. They're all trying to figure out what that means. They're expecting something very similar to happen in France any day now. Even the police and the army are saying they're just sort of biding their time, it's gonna happen. . . . California's bankrupt. . . .

We really have no idea what it's all gonna mean.

Also = therein some discussion of the Daewoo in Madagascar situation, news to TiR & apparently too to DG's interlocutors in Yongsan, but, TiR now sees, nicely (read: "horrifyingly") summarized here.

note: post here could just as easily have been titled "world going to heck inna handbasket watch"

note to previous note: Even if post were given the above hypothet title, it could then just as easily have been titled, "must we watch?"

---------------------------> [rejoinder title: "if watch we must, must we merely watch?"]

note to previous note to previous note: There is no note to the previous note to the previous note.