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August 18, 2009
if it ain't braked, can't fixe it

Speaking of burgeoning fields of research & inquiry (esp. fields that do not yet realize that they're fields), TiR appreciates new contributions to the field of Fail Studies, like this one. Nevertheless, we are not entirely sure we'd like to work under this fellow, who may represent another case worthy of study:

In Florida, Fugate was notorious for what he called "Thunderbolt" drills. Once a month, he’d walk into the office with a large Starbucks coffee and tell everyone to stop what they were doing and respond to a catastrophe baked in his imagination. Sometimes it was a blackout; other times it was a small nuclear bomb.

"People are afraid to fail. I’m seeking failure," he told me. "I want to break things. I want to see what's going on so we can fix it."

(as per the current Atlantic)

Hence TiR's practice of steering its car into a ditch with each post -- unto "the 12,000th" fail -- tho we're not really sure that a "fix" is the ultimate project -- and moreover the practice is usually not evident to us (but then it becomes stupidly so) until each time TiR find itself crawling from the