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September 10, 2009
great moments in heckler response

For a moment, we imagined BHO channeling Zimmy in Manchester in 1966, turning to face Biden & Pelosi and stage whispering (sic):
"Play healthcare reform f--king loud!"


Meanwhile, David Kurtz flags an analysis that situates the (more recent) heckle within the decisional calculus of what we think of as a sort of Tribunal of Absurdity, in which an increased quantum of evidence in favor of innocence makes more imperative a verdict of guilt.

TiR has been fascinated by this almost-beautiful
[but only "almost-", because of its gratuitous & scary destructiveness]
            dynamic for years. We'd sometimes like to imagine that its definition of individuality and person/selfhood is planted in a dream logic that demands autonomy to the last, even against the coercive dictates of linear rationality. However, underneath it instead here seems to be a cynicism all too linear and economic.

                                                                                  [lordy what noodly gibberish]