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November 09, 2009
"Es ist eine Falle!!"

Exactly twenty years on, the fresh reminders of context & background that Andrew Curry presents in his new "Before the Fall" piece are terrific.

TiR especially liked:

For the dissidents who had been filled with hope at the sight of East Germans rallying to their cause, the fall of the wall was initially seen as a huge setback. "We were disappointed," [Uwe] Schwabe admits. "We thought everyone who would help us change the country would leave, and there would be no reason to come out on the street."

A friend of [Rainer] Eppelmann’s made it a few hundred yards across the border that night before panicking and running back to East Berlin, afraid the entire scene had been a Stasi trick to get rid of troublemakers so the door could be closed firmly behind ­them.

Curry's piece (in The Wilson Quarterly, Autumn 2009) is here.

Not that Thatcher & Mitterrand would have been displeased at such a trick, as we've since learned.

However, a loony or perverse practitioner of the skeptical arts might ask: How much time (/evidence) must needs pass (/be amassed) before Eppelmann's friend is necessarily proved wrong?


Meanwhile, every once in a while, the Ž-man pulls his tongue out of his čheek and lapses into straightforward language. He hardly could have picked a better day to do so.