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The Personal is Political. The Political is Personal.

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December 31, 2009
TiR's Unwritten Blog Posts
                                             (for 2009)

                                             (in the spirit of George Steiner)

as per TiR's (ever pointless) notes, from the past year:

lessons from Charles S. Peirce's "How to Make Our Ideas Clear" (1878) on the relationship between "[cheerful] hope" and scientific method

the totally overlooked centrality to Tehching Hsieh's year-long "Cage Piece" (1978-79) of his lawyer, Robert Projansky

the urgency of a new New Deal for black Americans

Hyperopia, or why TiR never saw the Ramones or James Brown live in concert

"Welcome to the Visit of the Amateur Performance Troupe 'A Stove in One Hand, a Gun in the Other Hand' from Albania," published by the Editorial Office of the Jianggang Mountain Fighting Report at Jiangxi Normal Central College, November 1967

business meetings: the Levinasian view

astroturf political rallies as tool for marketers' research on size, affluence & prejudices of potential customer base

Raymond Duncan's 1947 proposal for a "New Paris York" or new Atlantis, a utopia formed by transatlantic passengers' dropping of stones from their ships' decks at latitude 45N, longitude 36W, the halfway point across the Atlantic

on Jean Wahl's 1943 remark, "To make a world today, it takes nothing less than the world."

a survey of TiR's favorite marginalia found in old volumes scanned on GoogleBooks

After Coleridge moved to Keswick, 247 miles from London, how on earth, and from whom, did he score his dope?

Self-Googling: its shift from embarrassing secret habit to universally expected & mandatory social practice; or the inversion of etiquette rules and transvaluation of values in the digital age

Will TiR develop and publish these posts in 2010? Or ever? Who knows?

Here's to another year dedicated to better learning, among other things, the humble and tricky art of knowing, as often as possible, exactly how, when, before/with whom, and why to keep one's mouth shut.