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March 01, 2010
partial list of topics of blog posts unwritten by TiR in February 2010:

on the use of metallic clanking for percussive effect in the very cool 1963 B-side "Dingbat Diller" by the Chuck-a-lucks (on Motown's Mel-o-dy label)

on people* who met their spouses at the species of multi-purpose public space that back in ancient history used to be known as a "bookstore"
(*most famously, Ray Bradbury)

beyond Stiglitz's Freefall: "developed world" ruling elite's importation from/envy of "developing countries"' methods of banking -- but also of their interrogation & law enforcement techniques; election practices; human rights standards; taste in fashion, lifestyle, housing compounds; etc.

does WB's "Small History of Photography" (1931) explain the popularity of TV crime shows?

on the perceived risks, to some, of empathy

. . . and the worse risks of sociopathy

on the internet as site of "ritualized    unknowing"; Stuart Chase's "the blab of blab" (& early Wittgenstein? -- & silence); the criterion, & the critical critique of crisis; Ben Franklin the pirate; and other notions wonderfully conveyed throughout Dexter Sinister's First/Last Newspaper broadsheets

on Noh as theater of all-quotations; Ez P on the "Art of Allusion" (1918)

Where would "regionalist" art in the USA have been without Henry Luce, and Time and Life magazines?

on the ratio     c  /  v

in high praise of the timely return of The Baffler ("vol. 2"), including:
Simon Norfolk's portfolio of photos, some of which accompanied this piece, taken within Microsoft's rarely seen Quincy WA data center, "as imposing, ugly and 'real' as the mills, mines and factories of Victorian Manchester"; and

its reprint of Henry Fairlie's 1980 "Mencken's Booboisie in Control of GOP," an essay rightly noted here, here & elsewhere, upon its anthologized republication last year

"Trotskyism's history, without 'makeup'" (Michel Lequenne)

on boredom-related fatalities

on acedia

"Voice of the U-bahn in Nerve Clinic"

Karl Kraus on the need to "come forward and be silent!" ("In these Great Times," Dec. 1914)
["Wer etwas zu sagen hat, trete vor und schweige!"]