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March 21, 2011
the pyramid of stars

Here's the immortal Jeanne Moreau, in a new biographical piece, on how New Wave cinema caused unemployment:

Freedom came with the New Wave and new films. The New Wave made extinct the hierarchy, all those drivers, makeup artists, personal assistants, chamber maids, who watched over the stars, the Gabins and the Fernandels; it was unheard of, everyone that they had as their little staff!

For a very short time, the actresses dressed themselves and made themselves up alone, in the back of a car or in the toilets of a cafe.

Since then, the entire hierarchy has returned at a gallop, which is unfortunate.

The original full text of the piece is here.

Lesson: A star system is very labor intensive. Celebrity helps to keep people occupied.

Later in the same wonderful interview, Moreau explains the power of punctuation in theatrical dialogue, and, in a somewhat Olsonian note, points out that one can immediately understand, simply by reading (aloud?) the rhythm of Proust, that the author had asthma.