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May 31, 2011
two dozen questions

. . . that TiR was unable to answer comprehensively during May 2011

Why is more notice not taken of the pentagram on the side of the current US president's head?

What exactly does it mean to say that 1/3 of Africa is now "middle class" (.pdf)?

How important is the principle "dead people can't revolt" in the politics of global disasters?

Where will the formerly coastal PC etc. makers go next, when China runs out of "inland"?

Which could do more to promote the global spread of Chairman Mao Thought®, this or this?

How did the daughter of a 19th century NYC German-American insurance entrepreneur (.pdf) become the first First Lady of Czechoslovakia?

What precisely is the function of a "clitic"?

In what chronological sequence were the books in Balzac's Human Comedy published?

Why has no one yet posted on-line an image of the W. Benjamin selection that appears in this recently-published volume?

What if any influence did the book-handling practices of the Sikh gurus have on other religious traditions?

Why is the terrific phrase "engaged confusion" not more popular?

Would some in the USA have been happier if the body of UBL, who died just before "Cinco de Mayo," had been stuffed, displayed and taken on tour, like that of Maximillian I, who also lost an eye during his execution?

Why have not more people taken up Grombowicz's suggestion of hand signals as a substitute for written literary criticism?

To what extent do English-language punctuation marks work like pictograms?

What other examples might Todd Haynes have had in mind, other than "Mildred Pierce," when he recently spoke with Amy Taubin on how Hollywood film employs womens' bodies as "the displayers -- almost the conductors -- of class aspiration in the family"?

Why is there a "re-" in the word "research," if that word usually refers to a process of looking something up for the first time, assuming that some epistemological scheme of recollection derived from Plato's Meno is not being presupposed?

Why is Encore Capital Group not almost as famous of a name in the USA as is Goldman Sachs?

Why not name Romain      Rancière, son of Jacques, as new head of the IMF?

What did the people on the PrisonTalk forums have to say about DSK's Rikers stint?

What is Peter Saville's source for what seems to be his favorite Bowie quote, that "There is no point in being more than ten minutes ahead of your time"?

Has the contemporary triumph of irony now and forever destroyed our ability to try to revive the wonderful game invented in the 60s by Denise Scott Brown and Robert Venturi, the game with the name "I can like something worse than you can like"?

Who first came up with the name of the "attitude turn"?

How does Mr. D. Guttadauro balance his life as an organic farmer with the presidency of up-&-coming long-range facial recognition "solutions" provider, DSC?

What on earth are "stixtiques," as listed in the original-language version of Gottfried Leibniz's absolutely wonderful "An Odd Thought Concerning a New Sort of Exhibition" (1695), which is exquisitely discussed here?