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June 12, 2011
best ever . . .

                        . . . use of a Thunders classic (even if accidental)?

When Pete Wilson signed off his WRVU show Tuesday afternoon with Johnny Thunders' "You Can't Put Your Arms Around a Memory," he didn't know it would be the last song a 91 Rock dee-jay would ever play on the air.

But maybe the late Johnny Thunders knew better. In an announcement that dashed the hopes of the station's supporters -- and came as a shock to program hosts still planning to come in for their shifts -- WRVU morphed into WFCL, Classical 91 One. . . .

Since the heyday of college radio in the 1980s, the station, whose earliest incarnation dated back to the '50s, had been one of the only venues for Nashville artists of all stripes to get airplay -- rappers, punks, headbangers, even blues and bluegrass bands. . . .

Reaction online ranged from ballistic to disheartened to a mix of the two.

(more here; background here)

Maybe not. But, even if not, admirably close.