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July 29, 2011
Today's example . . .

          . . . of why reading an e-book can never entirely replace the examination of the paper page, at least for researchers:
Hélène by had been invited to come and see some of the finest manuscripts of the National Library: those of Baudelaire ("I had the sense of a purging of poison," remarked Cixous), of Saint-Simon ("What a feeling, to see on one of the pages a line of tears instead of a line of text: It was the day of his wife's death"), or even Pascal's Memorial.

The above taken from a December 2010 article here.

(Saint-Simon was editing his memoirs; the year was 1743. More details here. What does the actual page look like? See here and here (detail).)

[On the other hand, were we not so initially excited by Cixous's account because TiR mistook her to mean that her examination of the original page's physical paper revealed the warping and stains caused by actual tears shed upon it, rather than an illustration or depiction of teardrop-type shapes rendered by Saint-Simon in ink? Our links above to images of the "actual page" further undercut whatever trivial point we thought we wanted to make. The pointlessness of this post, and entire blog yet again, is gloriously revealed.]

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Did it really take TiR's lazy keister several months to get around to posting the above tomfoolery? Why, yes it did.