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August 01, 2011
Stakhanov had it easier

Labor law prof Jean-Emmanuel Ray demonstrates pertinent knowledge also of the laws of physics, as he rightly laments that e-mails are not much, much heavier:

In the past, work was defined by a unity of time, place and action: Leaving the factory, the worker was transformed back into a citizen. Today, with the checking of e-mails and Facebook, there is an invasion of personal life by the office. There's also a massive exportation of work into private life, with the dreaded Blackberry and its little friends.

Stakhanov was very courageous, but because of the law of gravity, he could not take a ton of coal back home with him.

TiR continues the folly of its attempt to reduce its towering backlog of reading material. In the above instance, of an interview from ten months ago.