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October 09, 2011
Steve Jobs, father of punk?

Some nice connections, made by Sylvain Bourmeau, here:

Apple was without a doubt, in 1976, the most subterranean but also the most decisive contribution to the emergence of the punk movement. Born, just like the groups in this new scene, in a garage . . .

As long as we don't take Bourmeau's point too literally
(after all, as popularity of internets search engine hits teaches us, punk was invented either by Malcolm McLaren, Link Wray or Moses)
      , he offers us some worthy historical reminders regarding the technology's role in the diffusion of artistic production, the blurring of the border between artist-producer and audience-receiver, and a commitment to avoid contributing to a world in which users/workers are slaves to their tools.

& he even makes his case without resort to printing this photo.